Important instructions:
Dear seller, we welcome you on the Shahrani website, please adhere to the instructions outlined with each sales request and familiarize yourself with the seller's obligations and buyers' rights.
To submit a sale request, you must register on the Shahrani website in order to obtain a membership number (to be able to sell in the future without filling out a sale request)
Submitting a sale order means that you agree to these instructions, the seller’s obligations, buyers ’rights to and to the instructions in the sale order.
The sale request is submitted via Google forms, as it is only read by the administration, the basic information will be included and the rest of the information will be kept with the administration until the sale request is completed.
Site commission from each sale is 15% deducted before transferring the amount to the seller's account entered in the order.
The amount is transferred to the seller after the buyer confirms that he has received the purchase order or 24 hours have passed since the beginning of our correspondence with the seller
The buyer will pay the electronic payment to our account and we are obligated to implement the sale order or return the amount to the buyer, so you must be credible in the sale or notify us if you wish not to sell before the buyer makes the payment.
The seller is given a period not exceeding 12 hours from the beginning of his correspondence to start delivering the account or design data or performing the advertising process, otherwise the order is considered null and we will have to return the amount to the buyer and the seller's account is present at all our websites.
You must complete all the information required in the sale request in order to be able to insert your ad without delay.
Please be credible in advertising and not mislead or exploit buyers of any kind.
In the event of a dispute or complaint, God forbid, the site disclaims responsibility and we provide the buyer with the information required to provide it to the competent authorities to claim his rights.
The seller who follows the instructions will be identified and announced by our members as a trusted seller.
In the event that the seller wishes to sell another product, the membership number will be sent with the announcement information on WhatsApp 00966543191004 and he does not need to fill out a new sale order.
- Our site makes commercial and personal advertising campaigns by sending notifications and e-mail to members of the Shahrani website + text messages for members of the two-month sale and purchase site for 150 riyals, if you wish to obtain the service, contact us through the WhatsApp described above.
- Do not hesitate to contact us when there is any inquiries via WhatsApp 00966543191004 or by e-mail or through our accounts (Snapchat vv-tk) (twitter ashhrni) (Instagram ashhrni)

For requests to sell social media accounts
1. Snapchat 2. Twitter 3. Instagram
(In addition to the instructions above)
2. In the event that the buyer made the payment, the seller will be provided with the purchase invoice, while maintaining the basic information of the buyer (name, phone number, and email). The seller must provide us with the user account information and password within 12 hours from the beginning of our correspondence to be delivered to the buyer in order to change the password and link the account to his phone, email and document .
3. Any suspicious operations to recover the account after the sale will expose you to legal questions, and the Saudi authorities will be the decisive party in disputes between buyers and sellers. In the event of a dispute, God forbid, the buyer will be provided with the seller's information to claim his rights.
4. Full details of the account must be provided in order to be able to sell, with your followers explaining whether they are fake or interacting.

To sell a social account (Snapchat - Twitter - Instagram) click here

For requests to sell designs
1. Pictures 2. Video 3. Snap filters
(In addition to the instructions above)
1. In the event that the buyer makes the payment, the seller will be provided with the purchase invoice while retaining the basic information (name, phone number, and email). We will contact the seller and deliver the text and pictures so that the design process begins, with the delivery time not exceeding 24 hours.
2. The buyer has the right to amend the design only once, and in case the buyer wishes to communicate with the seller, he will be provided with a contact account with the seller entered in the sale request.
3. You must adhere to the pictures that are in line with the general taste.

To sell the design (Photo - Video - Snapchat Filters) click here

Request to sell interactive Snapchat followers
(In addition to the instructions above)
1. In the event that the buyer makes the payment, the seller will be provided with the purchase invoice while keeping the basic information of the buyer (name, phone number and email), the seller will be provided with the information of the advertisement (text + image) to start the implementation of the advertisement while observing the information entered into the sale request.
2. The expected number of followers is determined (lowest and highest), while ensuring that the number of followers reaches the minimum level.
3. Posting in stories and accounts of advertisers in Al-Astori and sending private messages to followers.
4. To ensure the right of the buyer, the followers must be interactive, not fictitious, as no fictitious request will be accepted.

To submit a two-sale announcement request, click here